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The Space War

In the game of Space Invaders you will program a laser cannon whose objective is to stay alive and shoot down enemies before they get to the ground. The enemies are also equipped with bombs and are quite eager to throw them at you. So, the task is:

  • Avoid damage from the bombs

  • Shoot down all enemies as quickly as possible

The laser has 3 possible moves it can make at any given time:

  • Move one square to the left

  • Move one square to the right

  • Shoot

Your agent should choose wisely :)

The game engine also saves game state information to a .json file every frame, so you may utilize it for Machine Learning to improve your agent.

Our competition will have two tracks:

  1. Stable enemies (easier) - the enemy soldiers will move on the map according to a predetermined algorithm

  2. Random enemies (harder) - the enemies will move at random

You can see the gameplay example in the video below

Implementation Guidelines

The contestants will be required to implement their own AI agent (laser cannon) in Java programming language. The objective of each agent would be to take as little damage, kill as many enemies and take as little time doing so as possible.

You can download the code implementing the Space Invaders here:


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