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AI Snakes 2021 - An educational and competitive learning framework

Our competition focuses on reestablishing Snakes, one of the most iconic cross-platform games, in a new light. The participants will once again delve into the familiar world of eating apples and avoiding their own tails, but this time they will also square off against each other in an intense battle of wits. Enroll and lead your slithering creation to glory in AI Snakes 2021!



Screenshot from 2020-01-15 15-43-23.png


One of the objectives of Snakes AI 2021 is to provide a framework to instructors and students of first and second-year university-level courses of computer science. Such a framework can be used as an environment to introduce topics include programming, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in an enjoyable way.



  • Submission deadline: July 20th, 2021

  • Results announcement: July 30th, 2021

  • The livestream of the competition will happen July 27th, 2021 (watch the stream from last year)



The results and number of victories are shown below:

Serpentine - Muller, Boris (192)
Thunder2020 - Eita Aoki (152)
Thunder - Eita Aoki (147)

Mongoose - Daisuke (138)
MikePython - Andrew Boyley (124)
JordanBot -Ravinder Mahey (102)
D_kabirov - Innopolis University (98)
Evan - Evan Rex (96)
O_favour - Favour Obagbuwa (82)
KoffiTeamBot - Ravinder Mahey (74)
XG - Iman Hosseini (36)
UasBot - Munshi Fahim Sadi (35)

For more details, consult the log file.

The first 20 hours of the tournament can be watched here.

The video call with the discussion of the results and strategies can be found here.


Referring to the competition

Help us to give more visibility to this competition and to your work by using the following BibTex entry:

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