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You are expected to send a .zip file (only one) to that contains the following items:

  • A single .java file representing your bot

    • Your class should ​implement the Bot interface

    • If you need extra classes or customize the existing  ones, you can create nested classes inside your bot class

  • A submission form (.txt or .pdf) indicating the names and e-mail addresses of participants, team name and a brief description (up to 150 words) of your implementation.

  • A folder with the .json, .csv, .txt, .jar files that your program requires (optional)

    • In case you need a certain library, put the JAR files in this folder and notify us about this requirement for running your bot.




Instructions on how to develop your AI Snakes bot can be found at the following online resources:

GitHub repository:

Playlist teaching from zero to hero:

Step-by-step tutorial:


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